Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition ”Stone keys of Sortavala” introduces the history of the Northern Ladoga region and town of Sortavala. Special sections of the exhibition present

  • The Stone wealth of Priladozhje, birth of stone (granite, marble, etc.), process of mining and processing, industrial history of the region.
  • history of the region settlement, people’s life, culture, crafts of tribe Korella.
  • about the history, architecture and culture of Sortavala city and its inhabitants.


Museum staff conduct tours both in the museum and on individual thematic exhibitions based on the age of visitors. For children of preschool age organize classes with use of guide book "Muzeykiny history". For school-age children - themed tours with a guide to museum objects.
The museum delivering 19 tourist excursions for the area of Sortavala city and Northern Ladoga region for various age groups. Anyone will find a topic of interest.
Please note : routes do not require special training. Tourists need to have a comfortable sports clothing and shoes, hats, personal first aid kit, sunglasses and cream. We don’t recommend to take tourist routes for persons that require treatment and medical supervision. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by parents.

Museum exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions of the museum complement the permanent exhibition and presenting to local citizens and visitors the museum collections, results of research of the museum staff are presenting works of artists and photographers.

Since October 22, 2013
Since February 13, 2013

Museum puzzle

The player shall correctly position all provided objects on the game field by spending minimal time, e.g., place sights on the city map, or put in order historical events on the timeline. We wish you good luck!


By one word

The player shall correctly and for minimal time find a word that defines logical connection for 4 presented pictures from the museum collection. We wish you good luck!


Working hours:

Winter time
(from September 1 to May 31)